Man uses his gun to protect his family from criminals with guns in "gun-free mall."
· Apr 21, 2021 ·

That's a lot of guns for a gun-free zone.

A father pulled out his concealed carry weapon in a weapons-free Nebraska mall to protect his family and others when a fatal shooting unfolded.

Sounds kind of sketchy to me. I mean, how could there possibly have been a fatal shooting in a weapons-free mall? It makes no sense.

The scene unfolded on Saturday while Tafoya was trying on a new suit for his daughter's baptism and his wife and two daughters were shopping upstairs in the mall.

He saw a group of people running and made eye contact with a man who yelled, "Shooter!"

He ran to his family while unholstering his gun, and his wife told him she heard gunfire.

He then stood guard outside of a bathroom where mall officials had people shelter.

"I said I have a permit, I'm legal," he said.

Well, he may have been legal, but he violated mall policy, so, I'm thinking no Orange Julius for you, buddy.

Police soon arrived on the scene, and Tafoya unloaded the bullets of his gun and put his hands up.

"I unloaded my weapon. I put it back in the holster where it was very visible that the slide was locked open. I put my permit in my hands and my hands above my head," he said.

Typical reckless gun-nut cowboy, carefully unloading his firearm once professional law enforcement arrived, making it clear he was not a threat by leaving his gun visible and with the slide open, and having his permit out ready for inspection.

Hey, buddy, this ain't the wild, wild, west anymore!

What was he thinking?

The Omaha Westroads Mall is a weapon-free zone, but Tafoya said he had to pull out his legal concealed carry weapon and "deal with the consequence later."

"Better judged by 12 than carried by 6," was what he was thinking.

Law enforcement officers also did not charge him for having a gun in a weapons-free zone, and he added that those zones put people at risk.

Of all the "gun safety" measures championed by the left, "gun-free zones" have to be the most detached from reality.

This is an actual thing that was said last November by an elected official

Mayfair has a strict no-gun policy, McBride shared and said, "guns have no place in shopping malls or other places in which crowds of people gather... If the shooter had complied with that policy, no one would have been hurt yesterday."

Anyone willing to open fire on another human being is not going to be dissuaded by a "policy." You can plaster your entire business with cardboard "gun-free zone" signs and unless they're made of Kevlar, they won't do a bit of good. In fact, they do a ton of harm by ensuring the law-abiding are sitting ducks.

You would think incidents like these would awaken people from their stupor, but it hasn't before, and it won't this time either. Here is a typical response.

This man was lucky he was not mistaken for the shooter and killed.

He was not lucky, he took appropriate cautions, made a risk assessment and understood the consequences, noting:

He later moved toward the escalators to draw any danger away from his family.

"Everyone else on the third floor just got added into that because the best way to keep my family safe was to make sure nobody with ill intentions came up that escalator," Tafoya said, mentioning that he didn't feel any fear during the shooting situation. "I was sad. Because I wasn't expecting to. If it was real, I didn't think I was going to come home."

Courage, in the face of real consequences, and sacrifice for the benefit of others, seem like completely alien concepts to them. They literally don't know how to process it.

He's lucky he didn't mistakenly shoot another yahoo with a gun who thought he was protecting his own family.

Again, not lucky, but then the left doesn't really believe in personal agency, they don't believe that you can make individual decisions and to a great extent, not fully, but to a great extent, control your destiny. They view individuals as caught up in a river of circumstances, and any success or failure is pure happenstance.

He is no hero... he's just another yahoo adding to the gun epidemic.

This is the mindset. He did the right thing for the right reasons, but as far as the left is concerned, he's "just another yahoo adding to the gun epidemic."

I think he's got that backwards.

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