Watch: Manchin and Sinema won't kill America by axing the filibuster and Joe Biden went on a crazy rant about it

Jan 14th

Joe Biden is a really weird dude.

You know this little soliloquy is gonna go off the rails as soon as he said this:

Is this mic on? Anyway.

And of course it devolved to here:

Count the vote. COUNT THE VOTE.

Yeah, he was upset that Sens. Manchin and Sinema won't destroy America by eliminating the safeguards our Founders created to keep the nation from imploding.

But what the heck is he talking about?

This is not a "civil rights bill." Joe is trying to usurp the rights of the states (you know, the rights granted to them in the CONSTITUTION)... taking totalitarian control of elections, and he wants to axe the filibuster, which was specifically designed to keep the mob rule of the lower legislature (the House) from enacting the "tyranny of the majority."

Joe, show me one person in America who has been turned away from the polls because of evil Republican "voter suppression" or who did not have their vote counted – and if you do, prove to me that this happens exponentially more than corruption from Democrats.

The Dems are really pushing this weird lie that Republicans – those people who freed the slaves, passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, and were overwhelmingly in favor of the Civil Rights Act – want to keep black people down by requiring ID (which is required now to go anywhere in vax-happy Democratic cities).

So really, da heck is this old man talking about?

P.S. Now treat yourself to our viral video "How to speak Bidenese" 😁👇

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