Mandatory Tucker rant about modern life, nature, and cities ๐Ÿ”ฅ
ยท Aug 26, 2023 ยท

I wouldn't publish this and ask you to take 5 minutes of your day to watch it if it weren't really, really good:

"Who are the people who oppose this? Where do they live and how do they live? Well, they are poorer generally on paper. But are their lives worse if you live in a place where you can see the sky? Where you can make your own food? If you can go outside and identify three species of trees or hear birds, or experience silence, the rarest commodity in the modern world. Those are the people who are not with the program. People who have a daily experience of nature. And those people are much more likely to acknowledge a power beyond themselves and their government. And there's a reason for that, because they can see it.

When you're living crowded as you would on an industrial farm as a cow, you are not liberated. You are enslaved. Your reference points are gone. You can't see the stars. You cannot see God's creation. All around you you see drywall and screens. And your ability to think clearly goes away."

Why is this man so right about so much?

Tucker walking away from the podium after that speech...

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