Marvel achieves peak cringe with a Spider-Man comic lecturing us about the meaning of "Latinx" 🤡
· Dec 17, 2021 ·

Only 3% of Latinos don't mind the woke term "Latinx," which means the other 97% really, really don't like it.

Many see it as a derogatory slur (because it is) that erases their language (which it does) and the traditional family values that Hispanic families (and all other humans besides leftists) adhere to.

That's not gonna stop the woke folks over at Marvel though!

They are gonna educate those backwards little Spanish speakers whether they like it or not!

Take a look at a few of these panels from their most recent issue.

First up, we have Spider-Girl (on the right) telling Spider-Man's mom what Latinx means.

Spider-Girl then goes into full-blown preaching mode, evangelizing Spider-Man's mom in the tenants of the new faith.

Remember: This is supposed to be a comic about people who use spider powers to stop supervillains.

Here's the best part: In this version of Spider-Man (the same from the "Into the Spiderverse" film), Spider-Man's mom is actually Latina.

The comic ends with a pie-in-the-sky vision of utopia, where all Hispanics have come under the banner of Latinx and are ready to enact a neo-Marxist future free from sin and death!

How very stunning and brave!

Keep it up, Marvel! The more you create garbage like this, the more you unite everyone against wokies like you!

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