To offset global warming we might soon be using giant kites to pull cargo ships across the ocean
· · Dec 17, 2021 ·

Call me crazy, but isn't this just called a sailboat?

Nice little touch with the Babylon Bee reference.

While the industry has come up with multiple decarbonization initiatives, it is struggling to keep pace with goals set out under the Paris Agreement on climate...

The kite is called Seawing. Its developer, Airseas, estimates that an even larger 1,000 square-meter parafoil, flying at an altitude of 300 meters, will cut fuel consumption and emissions from vessels by about 20%.

Shipping carries more than 80% of all goods traded globally but also accounts for almost 3% of man-made carbon dioxide emissions…

So we're moving technology backwards in time—literally reinventing the sailboat—in order to have a little baby effect on emissions?

And China's doing what?

Oh, they're just going to continue their way to world hegemony while burning as much fuel as they need?

Sounds about right.

We should definitely pursue this absolutely stupid idea of using kites to guide cargo ships across the ocean.

That sounds super!

This story belongs on the pages of The Babylon Bee.


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