McDonald's is "McDone" with the "Beyond Meat" McPlant burger as sales flop
· Aug 5, 2022 ·

Thursday, we brought you the most unfortunate news that Cracker Barrel has gone totally woke and started serving the meatless "Impossible" sausage on their menu.

I truly thought that if Cracker Barrel went the meatless route then all restaurants would be done.

But just when everything seemed hopeless and that the end was nigh, hope sprang forth on the horizon.

The people and their wallets have spoken!

McDonald's is dropping their "McPlant burger" from their menu because pretty much no one wants to eat the fake meat McDonald's burger.

From financial news service The Fly:

JPMorgan analyst Ken Goldman believes that McDonald's (MCD) has broadly discontinued its U.S. test of the McPlant burger made with Beyond Meat (BYND). He recently spoke with McDonald's employees at 25 locations that previously carried the product and each said that the item is no longer on the menu. "Not surprisingly, the reason sometimes being cited is that the product did not sell well enough," Goldman tells investors in a research note titled "McPlant Seems McDone in the US for Now."

I knew you could do it America!

That-a-way to show those anti-meat commies!

This is fantastic news for all red-blooded patriots.

From the Washington Times:

Other trials at Panda Express and Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut) have also ended without a subsequent product launch. Beyond Meat products at Dunkin', Hardee's, and A&W have been discontinued after launching.

"You're not going to change cultural tastes overnight. Recruiting your next phase of consumers requires more innovation and better-tasting products," John Baumgartner, an analyst for the Japanese bank Mizuho, told Reuters.

Panda, as well as the holy trinity of fast food, Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut, have all tried to introduce fake meat and they have all failed.

And that's good because it is absolutely disgusting. And I'm pretty sure it's a commie plot to turn Americans all into soy boys.

Beyond Meat cut 40 jobs Wednesday in an effort to save money before it burns through all of its remaining cash. In 2022, its stocks have fallen by almost 50% and fell by a similar amount in 2021.

In a research note cited by Bloomberg, David Trainer of the investment research firm New Constructs wrote, "Beyond Meat has failed to generate any positive free cash flow since going public in 2019."

Mr. Trainer also told Bloomberg that the layoffs could help, but that "the proof is yet to be seen until we can see how much they can slow the burn."

I'm sorry for anyone who has to lose their job in this economy, but it's hard for me to feel bad about this anti-meat company hitting hard times.

It's so refreshing to see that Americans are not going to simply go along with these meat alternatives.

Thank you McDonald's for returning to your American roots!

I can with no irony say that I am, indeed, lovin' it.

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