Media outlets want to protect your kid from stress over Ukraine, which is weird because we've spent two years telling them they're gonna kill their grandmas with COVID
· Mar 2, 2022 ·

Something bad is happening in the world—specifically, Russia is attempting to annex Ukraine and possibly start World War III—which means the media are doing that weird, kinda silly, slightly unsettling thing they always do where they try and tell you how to explain things to your kids that you're perfectly capable of explaining on your own.

Several examples:

* * *

* * *

Here's some representative samples from the CNN article:

It's possible to have a developmentally appropriate and reassuring conversation with your children about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but it's important to be intentional and attentive to your individual child...

Conversations you have with your children should strive to remind them they are safe, while using age-appropriate language and avoiding normalizing war...

All of that seems, you know, fine, I guess. I'm not gonna argue.

It's just odd, you know, given that...I don't know...we've kinda spent the last two years terrifying kids into believing that they're going to die from COVID, and kill their grandparents with COVID, and maybe kill someone else's grandparents with COVID, too.

I mean, let's just go over the ground-level facts here:

  • Children are at minimal risk from COVID—the COVID fatality rate for children is extremely low, like approaching 0.0% in official federal data. They also appear to be much less likely than older people to spread the virus.
  • Nevertheless, we have spent two years convincing them, on a daily basis, that they have to (a) periodically isolate themselves from all of their friends and family and everything they love about life, (b) stay "socially distanced" from anyone outside of their own family units, (c) undergo horrible "virtual" learning indefinitely, and (d) be neurotically obsessive about their health.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

  • We've also told them that they have to strap moist, hot, uncomfortable strips of cotton across their faces eight hours a day, five days a week, indefinitely, in order to stop the spread of a virus that—it bears repeating—they are at extraordinarily low risk for suffering severely from, and are at low risk of even spreading in the first place.
  • And while we've been doing this, we've been telling them that if they don't follow these horrible rules, they risk spreading the virus, killing themselves, killing their friends, killing old people everywhere, filling hospital beds, collapsing the hospital system, and basically bringing out mass disease, death and destruction.

Is that—is that all correct? Did I miss anything?

But sure yeah let's bring out the kid gloves now and create some safe spaces for the kids now that their psyches have been utterly pulverized by 24 months of adult-driven COVID hysteria!

Heckuva job, media!

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