Meet the next stage of #Progress as you meet the first transgender "British Columbia wolf" who was featured on a British morning show

Feb 7th

Welcome to the future of transhumanism, fellow meat bags of unspecified gender or species:

If you're confused on the math here, let me break it down. This person, Okami, says he is an "otherkin therian," which is a term you can expect to hear a lot in the future as it becomes boring and stale to simply identify as transgender.

But basically, this is a man who wanted to pretend to be a woman in order to fill some neurotic fantasy, but found that wasn't enough, so he now identifies as a wolf. A "British Columbia wolf," to be precise, based on "meditation and research."

After a week's worth of international media attention, Naia Ōkami — a Seattle-area transgender woman who identifies as a British Columbia wolf — came on The Dori Monson Show to explain how her wolf identity makes her good at her job.

Naia is a Georgia native who was born biologically male and transitioned to being a female a few years ago. She told Dori that her gender change and her wolf identify are "two completely, distinctly different things."

"My wolf identity is more of a spiritual thing," Naia said. "I don't feel like I'm physically a wolf. I know I am a human."

At least there's a shred of sanity still left in there!

For now.

[Cough Cough – Romans 1 - Cough Cough]

Naia told London's "This Morning" TV show that she works as an online investigator for a nonprofit organization.

Yes, a major morning show featured this man's delusions for over 7 full minutes. If you'd like to see what that looked like, here ya go:

Notice how these hosts just casually explain that this dude identifies as a wolf, despite the fact that it goes against every aspect of biology, medicine, moral truth, and reality itself.

When we say the people in entertainment and the news are clowns, this is why.

Even supposedly conservative media continues to label this man a "transgender woman," which makes you wonder when they'll start saying "otherkin therian" and "shewolf" to appease the woke overlords!

Back to the interview:

"Obviously, I don't go into work wearing ears and a tail," Naia told Dori.

Then, Dori asked, how does this manifest itself?

"Do you dress up and run in the woods like a wolf would?"

"Occasionally, when I'm being expressive on my free time," Naia replied.

And while in the woods, Dori asked, does Naia's wolf identity ever want to chase or eat a runt member of another herd?

"Not necessarily," Naia responded. "That could potentially be very unhealthy."

Instead, she [sic] said, her wolf identity hunts "people who hurt children and animals."

"My prey just happens to be a bad person, so I kind of feel like a wolf on the hunt, but I'm putting them in jail rather than consuming them," she said.

This guy says he tracks down sex predators to protect children, so that's a noble thing...

But color me a bit skeptical that a person with no hold on reality is an effective or trustworthy person to be hunting down bad guys.

"Are you sexually attracted to wolves?" Dori wondered.

"Oh, h— no," Naia responded while laughing.

I can't even blame the hosts for asking this.

Because you know there are people out there who would say "yes" to this question in this insane day and age.

She [sic] also called it a misconception when people call her "the wolf girl that goes around biting people."

"That's not aligned with reality," she [sic] said.

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