Well, This Seems Offensive. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Celebrates Democrat Victory in Georgia by Lighting a Prayer Candle with Image of Stacey Abrams

Jan 6th

Religion has no place in politics. Unless, of course, you are worshipping a politician. Then it is totally appropriate.

Stacey Abrams is receiving all the credit for flipping Georgia from red to blue and she has received many tributes from democratic politicians and political activists in the last 24 hours.

Wednesday morning after the apparent democratic victories in both Georgia senate races Queen Whitmer (may she live forever) posted one of the most bizarre tributes of all time.

What is going on here?

This is certified crazy person behavior. To take a Catholic prayer candle emblazoned with an image of failed and delusional Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is both crazy and insulting.

First of all, this is essentially an idol to a democrat politician being propped up in the home of another politician. To show our thanks and gratitude we must light a candle to tribute Stacey Abrams. The intent of this, of course, is as far from sincere as it can be.

This action is meant to be an insult to actual religious people. I don't know what religion Whitmer belongs to, but it seems her primary religion is trolling conservatives. That and, of course, the god of SCIENCE!

Posting this on social media is supposed to be a joke, a wink at her followers, a sarcastic dig. But it actually does show us what Big Gretch truly thinks of religious people and what she really worships.

The left despises you and your religion.


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