Michigan Head Coach Juwan Howard started a brawl as his team shook hands with Wisconsin after a 14-point loss
· Feb 21, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Apparently Michigan Head Coach Juwan Howard wasn't very happy yesterday when, up by 15 points, Wisconsin Head Coach Greg Gard called timeout with only 15 seconds left in the game. Gard claims he called the timeout because his backups were having a hard time getting the ball across the half-court line, which would've resulted in a turnover had it taken the boys more than 10 seconds. Still, Howard was mad.

A few minutes later, the two coaches met in the handshake line [language warning]:

Here's what viewers saw on television (Youtube age-restricted it, so you'll have to click to watch there).

I love how Brad Davidson (#34) is just out there trying to get his guys to sing "Varsity" with the Badger fans. Classic Davidson right there.

If you didn't catch Howard's initial words, he simply told Gard, "I'll remember that."

And while it looks like Gard grabbed him in a sportsmanlike way and made a quick effort to squash the beef and explain himself, he probably shouldn't have put his hands on Howard.

People are saying Howard should be fired for this, and I tend to agree, only because he has a history of this kind of thing.

Here he is last year during the Big Ten Tournament:

This is just embarrassing, and it sets a really bad example for the kids. Michigan should probably go with somebody else for the head coaching job.

As for Howard, he needs to go join a men's league or something so he can blow off some steam on the court instead of making a fool of himself from the sideline.

Here are the two coaches after the game:

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