Middle schoolers staged a revolt on the day they were told to wear rainbow colors to celebrate pride. They wore red, white, and blue, and said their pronouns were "U.S.A." Woke faculty is freaking out.
· Jun 14, 2023 · NottheBee.com

This is simply outstanding. Look how triggered these woke parents and faculty are.

"Kids were asked to wear rainbow clothes in honor of 'pride spirit day,' but some organized a counter-protest – wearing red, white, and blue, or black...

"Pride posters were ripped down; stickers ripped up; some students chanted, 'U.S.A. are my pronouns,' and students showing pride were intimidated."

So this happened at Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, Massachusetts. Burlington is in Middlesex County. Middlesex County is a very liberal place.

In Middlesex County, MA 71.5% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 26.3% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 2.2% voted Independent.

Look, the friggin dot is off the left side of the chart:

So what exactly happened with this modern-day middle-school Tea Party? It sure looks to me like these kids have to deal with woke teachers employed by a woke school instructed by a woke school board all waterboarding them with rainbow towels day in and day out. And they'd had enough.

They told the kids to wear gay rainbow colors and accessories to school to celebrate LGBT+TBA? What the heck? I am thinking of a word that will get you censored on social media... It starts with a G and rhymes with "boomer"...

Look at how panicked these weirdos get when children push back against their neo-Marxist brainwashing.


If one of my children were part of a counter-protest to this LGBT brainwashing I would be proud of him or her. The only questionable behavior that I can see is the claim that they "intimidated" other students who were "showing pride." Based on the behavior of woke lefties at large, that camp describes anything as "intimidation." They say words are literal violence, remember? This "intimidation" was likely a kid looking at another kid, or breathing too hard, or just sitting there existing without a rainbow tutu on.

These kids did nothing wrong.

"This type of intolerant rhetoric starts in the home," that one dweeb said in the beginning of the video.

Darn right it does.

Well done, kids.

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