Mom says she's "so proud" because her "15-year-old transgender son is going through menopause" 🤨
· Jun 29, 2021 ·

I promise I'm not making these headlines up.

An Australian mom has gone viral for saying she's proud of her "transgender son" (AKA her biological daughter) going through "menopause" because of all the meds being given to resist the double X chromosome that's coded in every one of her child's cells.

Although the mom's post was published back in April, it began gathering international attention over the weekend and got picked up by media outlets when someone shared a screenshot of the article:

Here's what the Brisbane mother had to say in her writeup:

My 15-year-old son started feeling nauseous and "a bit off" a couple of weeks ago. He skipped dinner and headed to bed early, but the next morning he still wasn't himself. The nausea had lifted but it was replaced with sweats and hot flashes.

It couldn't have been something he ate because we'd all been eating the same food, and it would be bizarre if he'd caught anything because my house has been on a pretty strict lockdown for weeks, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It was when we started googling the symptoms that the penny dropped: my son was going through menopause.

Yep, that's totally normal. Nothing to see here, folks!

Once we remembered to go back and read the literature, we realised that was the time his body was adjusting to the drug Lucrin, which inhibits the body's ability to make [estrogen].

Once that [estrogen] tide goes out, that's when a short and sharp menopause can hit. Apart from that, the only side effect is potential bone brittleness from a loss of calcium, so we're being vigilant about ensuring he's keeping up his vitamins.

For my son, those menopausal symptoms lasted only about a week. He continued to feel physically a bit off, but emotionally he was elated because he knew that the change he's been waiting for was finally occurring.

Imagine reading this sentence to a person from a century ago and trying to explain our messed up world:

"For my son, those menopausal symptoms lasted only about a week."

The mom says she knows people argue this is unnatural (because it literally is in every sense going against nature) but that you'd be a monster for denying her child invasive medical treatment to irreversibly change her body instead of proper mental/emotional care.

After all, the long-term effects of puberty blockers include lower bone density, underdeveloped genitals, messed up growth patterns, and unknown effects on brain development. Just minor things.

I guess it's a good thing no one has ever regretted such a change!

As a parent, it's been a massive adjustment from having a pony-loving, curly-haired daughter to the masculine young man lives in my house and towers over me. But what I know about parenting is that I'm just the custodian to these children living in my home. I'm here to love them and do what I can to help them to grow into whoever they know themselves to be.


"I'm just the custodian..."

This mom should be the defender, arbiter, teacher, and guide for her daughter, instructing her in the right ways to go, leading her in them, and protecting her from the evils of the world that seek to tell her otherwise.

The idea that "mother" simply means "custodian" may be a succinct definition of everything wrong with modern parenting!

What the world needs is more people who are truly comfortable being themselves – and who accept and celebrate others for doing the same.

Alternatively, it needs truth, because celebrating lies, delusions, and illness will not lead to a better, brighter, or more compassionate world.

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