Monkeypox is back and the new variant kills up to 10% of those who are infected
ยท Dec 8, 2023 ยท

Here we go again, people. Hide yo kids (and dogs)!

Yes, Monkeypox, or "Mpox" as antiracists for some reason call it, is back.

(Around these parts, it's known as "Schlong Covid.")

This time, however, a new variant is killing 10% of the people it infects. That's a huge number, so let's look into the details.

A deadly, fast-spreading strain of the monkeypox virus has the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on high alert.

The variant of the virus, which causes the severe disease known as mpox, kills up to 10% of the people who are infected, according to the World Health Organization.

"The virus variant is known to be more virulent. If it adapts better to human-to-human transmission, that presents a risk," Rosamund Lewis of the WHO's mpox surveillance team told Reuters โ€ฆ

But now, the rapid spread of the deadlier Clade I subtype of the virus has been reported by health officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the disease has spread to 22 of the DRC's 26 provinces.

To date, there have been no known cases of the Clade I variant in the United States, though doctors have been instructed by the CDC to be on the lookout for symptoms.

Symptoms include "rashes, bumps, or blisters on or around the genitals or in other areas like your hands, feet, chest or face," and can be accompanied by flu like symptoms. The disease can spread through sexual or household contact, and can even be contracted in healthcare settings where bodily fluids are present.

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If this new variant does make its way across the Atlantic, we can expect a breakout similar to last year's where 31,000 Americans were infected and 53 died, but much higher mortalities.

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