MSNBC's Joy Reid says aliens from outer space might come attack us as "punishment" for "destroying the planet" via climate change 👽🥴
· Jan 30, 2021 ·

MSNBC host Joy Reid thinks aliens would be justified in destroying humanity because of our posture toward climate change.

Speaking with White House National Climate P̶r̶i̶e̶s̶t̶ Advisor Gina McCarthy, Reid celebrated Biden's return to sCiEnCe with his wide-sweeping measures to plunge the nation into crippling debt in order to slow the change of climate by a fraction of a fraction of a degree in the next century.

"The actions include elevating climate change to a national security priority, suspending new leases for natural gas and oil development on federal lands and water, and directing the government to rely on science," said Reid as she oBjEcTiVeLy fawned over McCarthy.

Reid then said it was a complete roundabout "from the science-denying [Trump] administration," which as everyone knows sought to destroy the planet Lorax-style by empowering the free market to find cleaner, more efficient energy solutions.

After congratulating McCarthy for her initiation into our new priestly caste, Reid opined that if aliens existed, they would come to our planet and lay waste to our men, women, and children as holy vengeance for our treatment of Mother Gaia.

"You know, I always feel like if aliens ever really exist and they come and attack us, it's because we destroyed the planet. That would be our punishment."

Ignoring for a second how this is a psychological appeal to a higher power based upon an in-dwelt sense of justice that strangely mirrors a religion, realize that what Reid is saying here is that she and her fellow sCiEnCe devotees would cheer if this happened:

What Reid is suggesting is that it would be completely justified if hostile alien life obliterated us because of our "climate sins." If such a premise is true, how much further does the thought experiment need to go before it becomes morally permissible for us to kill each other over such "sins?"

Wokeism is a cult, ya'll.


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