NASCAR's president said the organization would remain apolitical but now it has partnered with an LGBT group so I guess they changed their minds

Jan 11th

NASCAR has long been one of the great stalwart institutions in U.S. public life, easily accessible and without the malign influence of performative politics that has poisoned so many other forms of mass entertainment in modern America.

But I guess that was too good to last:

NASCAR has announced a partnership with an LGBT advocacy group after recently expressing a desire to remain apolitical.

NASCAR, a motorsports organization that oversees professional stock car racing in the United States, announced a partnership with the Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce last week.

A tweet announcing the partnership was accompanied by a picture of the phrase "I am NASCAR," with the company's logo emblazoned in the rainbow colors that have come to symbolize LGBT advocacy.

Just in case you thought this was just a symbolic sort of partnership with little in the way of actual politics, think again:

"NASCAR has a rich history in our region and continues to be one of the most popular sports in the nation," said Tiffany Keaton, the vice chair of the Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce. "The intentionality of their partnership will allow the Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber to leverage relationships and increase our work in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion[.]"


Look, you don't need to have a doctorate in history to know what tends to happen in these sorts of cases and what will almost certainly happen here:

  • The woke politics of the CLGBTCC will almost surely become mandatory within the ranks of NASCAR leadership, with executives and directors being forced to publicly affirm their support for LGBT ideology before too long.
  • Drivers will subsequently be subject to similar requirements. Expect most of the NASCAR stock to start issuing "safe space" declarations on social media and slapping transgender pride flags on their bumpers. Those who refuse to do so will be punished, first socially then eventually officially from the organization itself.
  • Eventually, fans themselves will be expected to affirm their full-fledged belief in LGBT ideology, especially transgenderism. Race attendees who do not cheer and clap for NASCAR Pride Days and Non-Binary Trans-Masculine Racers of the Year other performative displays will face ostracism and opprobrium at races. Eventually NASCAR's president will make a public declaration that the organization "doesn't want those kinds of fans in the stand anyway."

Yes indeed, what can you say about NASCAR's leadership?

Enjoy the races while you can!

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