Total insanity! Dr. SCIENCE blames Rand Paul because a crazy guy threatened to kill him
· · Jan 11, 2022 ·

Dr. Fauci has totally gone off the rails with this one.

His connection to reality was already tenuous, but watch as he testifies that some crazy person tried to kill him because Rand Paul thinks he should be fired.


So, a crazy dude says he's going to go and kill Fauci. And Fauci draws the conclusion, out of thin air, that it's because Rand Paul thinks that he should be fired.

"Dr. Paul thinks I should be fired, so some crazy person from Sacramento thought he should fire a gun at me." These are the thoughts that are literally going through Fauci's head.

I think it's safe to say he has lost his mind.

Republicans are upset because Fauci has continually lied to the American people and to Congress, and Fauci doesn't like being called out. So in order to protest this accountability, he's blaming Rand Paul specifically for some nut doing a nutty thing.

After today's news, there's no wonder that Fauci would want to pull out all the stops and distract from his disastrous day. But this guy is so thin-skinned and out-of-touch that it is beyond parody.

The ego on this guy is unbelievable.

In Fauci's mind, if you question him at all you are actually attacking him. There is no difference, in his mind, between questioning him and wanting him dead.

"You want to fire the almighty Fauci? You might as well kill him."

"You question Fauci, then you are denying SCIENCE."

It's absolute insanity and the height of egomania.

And to blame Rand Paul for this attack, of all people, is totally insane. Rand Paul has actually been physically attacked, multiple times, for political reasons. His neighbor attacked him, causing injury, and he was at the Congressional baseball shooting where a Bernie supporter opened fire on Republicans.

We can all hope that Fauci stays safe. We can also hope that he is held legally accountable for all of his lies and misdeeds.

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