This 106-year-old woman says she's made it this far thanks to God and Big Macs
· Jan 11, 2022 ·

If you're looking to live a good long while, it's not too late to give your life to Christ and start eating McDonald's:

It's not every day that someone celebrates their 106th birthday.

Dorothy Nedd, a South Philadelphia native, turned 106-years-old on Friday...

In a city and world often filled with so much loss, the 106-year-old Dorothy Nedd credits her long life to the man above.

"Serving the Lord!" said Nedd.

Beyond crediting faith, she also credited her love for McDonald's Big Mac for her longevity.

"Grandma always used to take me to church," Zulema Nedd said in remembrance. "And then after church, we would sometimes go to the McDonald's and my grandma got a Big Mac. She was getting Big Mac's for a long time."

You know the McDonald's executives are sitting in their boardroom right now saying "Thanks for that sweet free advertising Mrs. Nedd!"

Now, can you really make a compelling argument that Big Macs are in some way healthy and promotive of long life? Not really, no; they're pretty darn unhealthy, as a matter of fact.

But Mrs. Nedd's grandma didn't care. And honestly, that's probably kind of the point. In an era where so many people are clinically obsessed with healthy eating, we've lost the knowledge that folks from earlier years understood: That if you eat healthy and well for the majority of your meals, you can regularly enjoy a Big Mac—even for "a long time!"—without sweating it.

Of course, don't forget to love and serve God as well. That's just a wee bit more important!

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