#NeverAgain trends for Holocaust Remembrance Day, except it IS happening again and the world is ignoring it

Jan 27th

On this day 76 years ago, Auschwitz was liberated. In the weeks and months following, the world would see the true extent of the Nazi genocide machine.

It was humbling and horrific then, and it should remain humbling and horrific now.

On Twitter, the hashtag "Never Again" was trending to commemorate the day, and while I have zero qualms with any and every reminder of the Holocaust, I also noticed more than one person pointing out that the hashtag is actually inaccurate...

Because it is happening again.

I'm talking, of course, about China, where the CCP is actively trying to eradicate millions of the Uighur people group. Sure, they're more clever about it than the Nazis. They aren't sending them by the thousands into gas chambers and filming it. They are, however, imprisoning, brainwashing, enslaving, sterilizing, aborting, and experimenting on an entire people group using high-tech, sophisticated processes that obfuscate the truth about such programs.

This Holocaust Remembrance Day, let's make sure we fight for those in China's increasingly barbaric concentration camps. Don't let it slip out of the public eye. Here's a few resources to help us remember this modern-day holocaust and take action to stop it:


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