New CDC Covid guidelines treat vaxxed and unvaxxed individuals exactly the same. What about all those people who lost their jobs because they didn't get the shot?
· · Aug 12, 2022 ·

Did you or anyone you know lose a job in 2021 because you refused to get the clot shot?

Were you denied entry to special events simply due to your vaccination status?

You might be entitled to compensation.

Totally joking, by the way.

Oh, speaking of things that are a joke…

Yup, it looks like the CDC is once again bowing to the conspiracy theorists of the far Right.

Funny how that keeps happening.

Here's the CDC:

As SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, continues to circulate globally, high levels of vaccine- and infection-induced immunity and the availability of effective treatments and prevention tools have substantially reduced the risk for medically significant COVID-19 illness (severe acute illness and post – COVID-19 conditions) and associated hospitalization and death (1). These circumstances now allow public health efforts to minimize the individual and societal health impacts of COVID-19 by focusing on sustainable measures to further reduce medically significant illness as well as to minimize strain on the health care system, while reducing barriers to social, educational, and economic activity (2). Individual risk for medically significant COVID-19 depends on a person's risk for exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and their risk for developing severe illness if infected.


"High levels of vaccine- and infection-induced immunity"?!?!?!

What is this, a Qanon Facebook group?

In short:

It also brings the recommendations for unvaccinated people in line with people who are fully vaccinated – an acknowledgment of the high levels of population immunity in the U.S., due to vaccination, past COVID-19 infections or both. "Based on the latest ... data, it's around 95% of the population," [the CDC's Greta] Massetti said, "And so it really makes the most sense to not differentiate," since many people have some protection against severe disease.

So you're telling me that entire conversation I had with my conservative uncle last Thanksgiving was based in truth?

Why the heck did we make him wear that bubble suit then?

And why did he lose his job for refusing the jab?

Why did all those people lose their jobs over it?

Man, CDC, you've got a lot of questions to answer here.

Mostly, can I have my job back and do I get back pay?

Seriously, this is bogus.

People were labeled purveyors of misinformation for saying this stuff less than a year ago.

And now we're supposed to just sit around and act like everything's hunky dory?

Gimme a break!

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