Canadian law would allow judges to hand down life sentences for "speech crimes" (no, this isn't a joke)
· Mar 12, 2024 ·

Oh, Canada.

Queen Justine of Canada has decided that his seemingly limitless power to impose his will and ideology on Canadians isn't enough.

A new hate speech law in Canada billed as protection of children would criminalize speech in Canada to an even greater degree and allow judges to imprison people for life.


The law as it is currently being presented is redundant of other Canadian laws designed to protect kids online, something that everyone should support. However, there is language in the law that makes it clear that this is a Trojan horse of sorts for extreme government overreach.

But the government spokesperson went on to confirm the shocking truth about the legislation, which is that it would put people in prison for life for things they've said, specifically, "advocating genocide."

"Bill C-63 would increase the maximum penalty specifically for advocating genocide from 5 years to life imprisonment," said an unnamed spokesperson for the Canadian government, "and from 2 years to 5 years, on indictment, for the willful promotion of hatred (section 319 of the Criminal Code)" [emphasis added]

So, the question is, "who gets to decide what 'advocating genocide' and 'willful promotion' mean"?

Because, I've gotta tell you, I doubt this law was crafted with the pro-Palestine "from the river to the sea" folks in mind. I think it's much more likely, especially with the angle of protecting children, to be enforced against people who oppose a certain gender agenda.

Just as an example, last year The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles said that the ideology of transgenderism should be eradicated from public life. Something that most Christians and conservatives would agree with.

The Left called Knowles' speech "genocidal."

And it gets worse than that: A new amendment says that any "hate" speech could be met with life in prison.

So, under proposed Canadian law, would it be fair to think that a liberal judge could jail you for life for opposing transgenderism?

What if you say homosexuality is a sin? Because we're told all the time that that sort of speech is hateful and, according to the letter of the law, hate towards certain sexualities and gender identities could land you in jail for life.

This is quite literally the death of liberty.

Welcome to New Pakistan, where you get executed for disagreeing with the woke prophets and gods.

And what might count as "advocating genocide"? Today, there are prominent politicians around the world who say that supporters of Israel are advocating the genocide of the Palestinian people and that supporters of Hamas are advocating genocide against Jewish people. Imagine if they were in power. Under Trudeau's legislation, would they not be able to send their political enemies to prison for life?

It could be left up to the whim of the judge and you'd have to hope you had a compassionate or sane judge and not a judge like, I don't know, the ones who shut down Canadian churches during Covid and threw pastors in jail.

And if you don't think that some of these folks aren't looking for an excuse to jail all their enemies, then you don't know what time it is.

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