I bet you never saw this Aveeno ad featuring a boy dressed as a "ballerina astronaut"
· Mar 12, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Another woke company to cross off the list of businesses you should support.

Somehow, some way, the folks at skincare company Aveeno discovered how to promote a gender-bending transgender message to and about little kids in a commercial about shampoo.

Because everything is woke.

Now what if I told you that this commercial is over a year old?

Just imagine the companies with ads full of crossdressing kids that you haven't even seen!

Aveeno thinks it's awesome to make a boy a ballerina astronaut, complete with a rainbow skirt and rainbow playmat, of course. Because he's a "big kid" and can be whatever he wants! Even a girl!

There's no reason to force this nonsense on children unless you have a goal of sexualizing kids and depriving them of innocence.

No matter how many times our shampoo or corn chips or beer companies tell me, I am not going to believe that a boy can magically become a girl based on how they feel inside and how they dress outside.

And bringing little kids into the conversation? Only one reason for that.

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