New CNN poll shows 75% of DEMOCRATS don't want Sleepy Joe to run again
· Jul 27, 2022 ·

Welp, 2024 is looking more and more like a pipe dream for Joe Biden.

A new poll from CNN is showing that a full 3 out of 4 democratic voters want the party to drop President Biden and pick up another candidate for the 2024 race.

A new CNN poll finds 75% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters want the party to nominate someone other than President Joe Biden in the 2024 election, a sharp increase from earlier this year.

The poll comes as Biden's approval ratings remain low and most Americans are discontented with the state of the country and the economy. Inflation remains high and a new report released Tuesday showed consumer confidence slipped for the third straight month.

So, the people who would normally be voting for the Democratic nominee absolutely do not want to vote for Joe Biden.

This makes it look like if there was a legit Democratic primary, Biden might not be able to win his party's nomination. As sitting president.

This is beyond pathetic and almost completely unprecedented.

Twenty-four percent of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters said they want someone else because they don't think Biden can win in 2024, up from 18% in a poll conducted in January and February. Thirty-two percent feel that way because they don't want Biden to be reelected, up from 16% earlier this year. Twenty-five percent said they prefer Biden as the nominee, which is a steep drop from 45% in January/February.

We don't even have a CLUE who Biden will run against in 2024 and 1/4 of Biden's voters think he doesn't have a chance to win.

The poll shows a sharp downturn in enthusiasm for a 2024 reelection bid by the President. In January/February, 51% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters said they wanted someone other than Biden to be the Democratic nominee in 2024.

The new poll shows 31% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters 45 years and older would prefer Biden to be the 2024 nominee.

Among Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters under 45, just 18% prefer Biden as the 2024 nominee.

These numbers are so dramatically bad.

Speaking of a possible primary for the Democrats:

The CNN poll was released the same day as a new Granite State Poll from the University of New Hampshire that shows just 31% of New Hampshire Democrats want Biden to run for reelection and that 59 do not want him to run again. In June, 54% of New Hampshire Democrats said they did not want him to run again.

If Biden was to run in the primary, the first primary state of New Hampshire would not support the current president.

Democrats are in deep, deep trouble.

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