This new study says a full 50% of Americans now believe there will be civil war in the next few years. It will probably be leveraged to disarm you. 👀
· Jul 21, 2022 ·

Today in news that's absolutely not good, a new research paper has been published that demonstrates the deterioration of American unity, with a full half of Americans now preparing for civil war.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of California, Davis, found the following conclusions:

Two-thirds of respondents (67.2%, 95% CI 66.1%, 68.4%) perceived ″a serious threat to our democracy,″ but more than 40% agreed that ″having a strong leader for America is more important than having a democracy″ and that ″in America, native-born white people are being replaced by immigrants.″

Half (50.1%) agreed that ″in the next few years, there will be civil war in the United States.″

Among 6,768 respondents who considered violence to be at least sometimes justified to achieve 1 or more specific political objectives, 12.2% were willing to commit political violence themselves ″to threaten or intimidate a person,″ 10.4% ″to injure a person,″ and 7.1% ″to kill a person.″

Among all respondents, 18.5% thought it at least somewhat likely that within the next few years, in a situation where they believed political violence was justified, ″I will be armed with a gun″, and 4.0% thought it at least somewhat likely that ″I will shoot someone with a gun.″

Because this is a summary and hasn't been peer-reviewed, we don't have a breakdown of who answered questions which way based on political party and personal ideology. I'd be very curious, for example, to see how the questions about political violence were framed, or if the political affiliation of respondents was hidden (I find academics don't like mostly-peaceful leftism to be painted in a bad light).

Along those lines, it's important to note that this study was funded by a buttload of leftist organizations.

  • The Joyce Foundation, which exists to "advance racial equity" in the Great Lakes Region
  • The California Wellness Foundation, which exists to promote "equity" [read: Marxism] in healthcare and has a giant pro-abortion banner slamming the decision to overturn Roe on its homepage
  • The Heising-Simons Foundation, which exists to promote the climate change agenda and more racial equity
  • The California Firearm Violence Research Center, a state-founded entity that exists to research gun violence and use it as an excuse to fund gun control legislation
  • The eprint platform hosting this study brief is itself funded by a a program started by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife

Why is this important?

Because studies like this will be used as the basis to disarm you in coming years.

"Half of Americans think civil war is inevitable!" a half-cognizant Nancy Pelosi will yell with a closed fist.

Then she'll note, as the paper's authors did with proximity, that over 40% of Americans think strong leaders are more important than democracy (notice the study says nothing about the laws that make up our constitutional republic), and that approximately the same percentage people believe in the Great Replacement Theory of white people.

What do you think the conclusions will be?

  • Do you think they'll work to cool tempers, stop the border crisis, protect Americans that elected them, and further enshrine your rights?
  • Or do you think they'll use this as a tool to justify taking away your guns and freedoms because you're a racist menace and an extremist threat focused on treason?

Read the study's conclusion:

Coupled with prior research, these findings suggest a continuing alienation from and mistrust of American democratic society and its institutions. Substantial minorities of the population endorse violence, including lethal violence, to obtain political objectives. Efforts to prevent that violence, which a large majority of Americans already reject, should proceed rapidly based on the best evidence available. Further research will inform future prevention efforts.

So legislation that "prevents that violence... should rapidly proceed."

Considering the background of these researchers (scholars at a school run by far-left ideologues) and their funders (far-left ideologues), what do you think they are talking about there?

I'll let Beto give you a hint:

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