New study shows MORE THAN HALF of people who catch "strong Covid infection" show no symptoms at all
· Apr 8, 2021 ·

From the Independent:

More than half of people with a strong Covid infection did not report any of the major symptoms, new figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed.

This underlines the risk of people spreading the virus without knowing they are infected which is thought to be one of the main ways the coronavirus pandemic has been able to spread so easily around the world.

The ONS said 53 per cent of people with a strong positive, or high viral load, between December and March did not report having any symptoms compared to 47 per cent who did. It excluded patients likely to be at the start of their infection when transmission and symptoms are thought to be less likely.

That's really something, isn't it?

53% of people who tested positive for Covid with a "high viral load" had zero symptoms. 47% had some symptoms (doesn't say severe, just any symptoms at all).

That means that if you catch the Rona you have a greater chance of not even knowing it than you do of having any symptoms at all.

Is that not remarkable?


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