New study shows over 25% of young people want to be a "social media influencer" when they grow up ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ
ยท Aug 25, 2022 ยท

According to a recent survey of young people across the United States, the job they most want to do isn't doctor, lawyer, fireman, or police officer.

No, it's being a "social media influencer."

From Higher Visibility:

When it came to members of Gen Z wanting to become social media influencers, we saw mind-blowing results from all regions across the USA โ€“ the lowest percentage sitting at just over 30% in the Midwest. Those from the West saw the highest percentage of individuals admitting that they would like to become an influencer at some point in their lives, with over 2 in 5. The Northeast follows closely behind with over 38% of Gen Z.

These numbers are INSANE!

Influencer includes TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook personalities who get paid to post on these platforms. And nearly 1/3 of Gen Z wants this to be their job.

Their entire lives are centered around YouTube and TikTok.

Everyone sees these "influencers" and thinks "I could do that!" because no talent is involved. But in reality, it's as big a gamble as any showbiz job.

Perhaps even more shockingly, our study found that Gen Z males (20%) are more likely than females (13%) to believe that being a social media influencer is the only choice of career for them, with almost half of the males surveyed (49%) agree that being a social media influencer is a good career choice.

Overall over 1 in 4 Gen Z surveyed plan to become social media influencers, with 16% even claiming that they would pay to become one.

For a full 20% of young men, their ONLY career option is to be an influencer.

It's YouTube star or nothing.

Of those surveyed, over 38% agreed that there is enough work to become a social media influencer, with 34% believing that they know what it takes.

Nearly 1 in 5 Gen Z told us that they would quit their job to become a social media influencer, with just under 15% believing that it would be the only career choice for them. Additionally, over 12% of Gen Z told us that they would quit college to become an influencer.

Social media is about to ruin these folks lives in a totally new way. Besides simply consuming their every waking hour, it's going to lead to poverty and joblessness for SO many people.

There's some good news, fewer people think they HAVE to go to college.

The bad news is that is likely because they think they can be an Instagram star instead.

According to the results of the study, nearly 1 in 4 Gen Z believe there should be social media influencer training in school, with 6% of Gen Z actively choosing not to go to college to become an influencer.

We have failed this generation.

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