This viral video shows what Walmart thinks shopping in the metaverse will look like and it's creepy as heck 😧
· Jan 5, 2022 ·

The entire world is trying to move to virtual reality, slowly but surely, and Walmart is here to show you what shopping might look like if you did it while having a TV screen strapped to your face.

And it's really just as creepy as it sounds.




If these corporations have their way, this soon-to-be real-world experience will be coming to a neighborhood near you.

Ready for the real twist?

This VR experience from Walmart debuted in 2017 at the SXSW tech conference, showing just how long the elements of our future virtual world have been coming together. The video resurfaced this week and immediately went viral, because this stuff is getting more invasive in our lives by the day.

And with the launch of Facebook's Metaverse imminent, you can bet companies like Walmart are gonna be trying to cash in on the experience.

But think about it: In this simulation, Walmart knows who you are, they know your age, they know what products you have in your house, and they even know how much milk is in your fridge.

  • Are we all supposed to go right along with this and think there's no possible way that giving a big company all this info could be a dangerous thing?
  • Are we are all gonna sit in our houses with these devices on our faces and allow major companies to influence our daily decisions for us??

Ah, but they have a nice friendly associate there to make us feel comfortable!

Honestly, that smiley Walmart guide may be the creepiest thing about this simulation.

I, for one, am not overly excited about the potential metaverse and all of its Big Brother possibilities. But hey, if it keeps us from overbuying milk, then maybe it's all worth it.

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