New York City Has Officially Given More Than 800,000 Illegal Immigrants And Noncitizens The Right To Vote
· Jan 10, 2022 ·

Just when you thought that New York couldn't become a crazier place, you see a headline like this and realize that there are more levels to the insanity than you could possibly imagine.

In what sounds like a legitimate Babylon Bee headline, we read this headline from ABC:

New Law Allows Noncitizens To Vote

Here's a little bit from ABC and how the corporate media is reporting on this story:

More than 800,000 noncitizens and "Dreamers" in New York City will have access to the ballot box — and could vote in municipal elections as early as next year — after Mayor Eric Adams allowed legislation to automatically become law Sunday...

It's a watershed moment for the nation's most populous city, where legally documented, voting-age noncitizens comprise nearly one in nine of the city's 7 million voting-age inhabitants. The movement to win voting rights for noncitizens prevailed after numerous setbacks.

The measure would allow noncitizens who have been lawful permanent residents of the city for at least 30 days, as well as those authorized to work in the U.S., including "Dreamers," to help select the city's mayor, city council members, borough presidents, comptroller and public advocate.

So, what does this mean? It means people are allowed to vote in the elections of a country where they are not a citizen.

This is absolute insanity.

800,000 people who are either immigrants on working visas, or "DREAMers" who illegally immigrated as children or any other category of "documented" non-citizen would be given the right to vote in NYC elections.

And, you only have to live in the city for a month before you can participate in these local elections.

So, basically, New York is working to make citizenship become absolutely meaningless.

More from ABC:

"We build a stronger democracy when we include the voices of immigrants," said former City Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez, who led the charge to win approval for the legislation.

Rodriguez, who Adams appointed as his transportation commissioner, thanked the mayor for his support and expects a vigorous defense against any legal challenges.

Adams recently cast uncertainty over the legislation when he raised concern about the monthlong residency standard, but later said those concerns did not mean he would veto the bill.

While there was some question whether Adams could stop the bill from becoming law, the 30-day time limit for the mayor to take action expired at the stroke of midnight.

Adams said he looked forward to the law bringing millions more into the democratic process.

"I believe that New Yorkers should have a say in their government, which is why I have and will continue to support this important legislation," Adams said in a statement released Saturday night. He added that his earlier concerns were put at ease after what he called productive dialogue with colleagues.

So, basically, 1 in every 9 New York voters will now be someone who is not an actual citizen.

The new mayor, Adams, may call this group of people "New Yorkers" but they are definitionally not citizens of New York or the United States.

The law wouldn't allow non-citizens to vote in state or national elections, only local NYC votes.

But New York seems committed to sinking further into the depths and allowing those who are not interested in even being Americans to determine the direction of their city.

Call me crazy, but I don't see this working out well.

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