New York City man charged with attempted murder after wrestling gun away from robber who had just shot him. Because of course.
· Apr 4, 2023 ·

Look, just because a guy is shooting you doesn't mean you can just go all vigilante on him and take justice into your own hands by trying to defend your own life.

That's just not what we do in a civilized society.

The man who was charged, Moussa Diarra, was a night attendant working security at a parking garage when he saw a man with a bag apparently peering into cars which is a totally normal thing to do at 5:30 AM.

Look, maybe he was just looking for his car and couldn't remember what it looked like. On the outside.

Nevertheless suspicious, Diarra then took the man, identified as Charles Rhodie, outside and questioned him.

It's like Diarra was looking for trouble. Which I guess as a night attendant working security is kind of his job, but no matter, Rhodie pulled a gun on Diarra who in wrestling it away from him was shot twice, once in the stomach, before being able to turn the gun on Rhodie and shooting him.

Yes, DIARRA was charged with attempted murder.

In addition to the attempted murder charge, Diarra was also charged with "criminal possession of a firearm," that firearm being the one he had just seized from the guy shooting him.

Look buddy, we have laws in New York City. What Diarra should have done had he wanted to avoid criminal charges, was file the proper paperwork before taking possession of the gun Rhodie was shooting him with.

And also applying pressure to his gunshot wounds because, you know, that's important too.

In Fairness, Rhodie was hit with similar charges so I guess it all evens out.

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