NYC Now Requires Proof Of Vaccine AND Photo ID For Indoor Dining. But Remember, Voter ID Is RACIST.

Aug 20th

New York City has made headlines for being one of the first major cities in the US to require proof of vaccination for participating in regular society, specifically outlawing indoor dining for non-vaxxed citizens.

Today, New York has added to the new regulation that it's not enough to just have your vaccine card, you must also have a photo ID in order to go inside a restaurant in NYC.

NYC Councilman Mark Levine tweeted out that a state-issued ID would be required along with proof of vaccination before any New Yorker would be allowed to participate in normal society.

Of course, requiring the proof of vaccination is in itself tyranny, but I doubt the councilman sees the obvious irony in their justification for adding an identification requirement.

According to Levine, "The ID requirement is to help reduce fraud."




Wait. Wait. Wait.

Is Levine seriously suggesting that showing a state-issued ID would help to cut down on fraud? Isn't this, I don't know, EXACTLY THE SAME ARGUMENT THAT VOTER ID PROPONENTS USE???

Is he too dense to see this?

Maybe the policymakers in NYC need to see these BLM parody posters to make the point abundantly clear.

In his message, Levine makes it clear how easy it is to get a free ID. How it's literally no problem whatsoever to get an ID.

Except if the ID is going to be used for voting... THEN that makes it extremely difficult and racist, I guess.

It almost seems like the Left doesn't actually believe requiring ID is racist. It's almost like the Left wants to allow fraud at voting booths, but not when people are trying to enjoy a nice restaurant with family and friends.


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