New York Mayor Eric Adams heads to Mexico to tell migrants not to come to NYC
· Oct 4, 2023 ·

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is slowly morphing into a Republican right before our eyes and it's the most beautiful disaster I've witnessed in years.

First it was "send us your poor and hungry," then it was "these people will destroy New York City," and now we've hit the point where Mayor Adams is flying to Mexico to tell immigrants not to come.

An absolute classic only 2023 could deliver!

If that headline was honest it'd say "Mayor Adams sets out for Mexico to convince migrants not to come to the U.S."

But it doesn't.

No joke though, this dude, a mayor of one of those "sanctuary cities," is actually headed to Mexico, Ecuador, and Columbia to lecture brown people as to why they should not come to America. This is amazing.

Mayor Eric Adams is setting off on his trip across Latin America with the hopes of addressing the migrant crisis at its source.

He says migrants being sold the American dream are also getting sold lies. The mayor hopes to correct any misinformation about what migrants can expect when they arrive in New York City.

"We are going to tell them that coming to New York doesn't mean that you're going to stay in a five-star hotel," he said Tuesday. "It doesn't mean that, the mere fact that you come here, that you automatically are going to be allowed to work."

I mean, the next logical step in the progression of closeted Republican Eric Adams would be to run for president with a campaign promise to build a wall at the southern border. Seriously, I bet you a nickel Adams is in the "build the wall" camp by the new year.

The mayor and his team plan to visit the Darién Gap, which are 66 treacherous miles of jungle connecting Central and South America.

"There is a real safety risk," Adams said. "We are aware of that. The entire team that decided to be part of this trip, they are aware of that as well."

Adams says he wants to speak with leaders, possibly the president of Colombia, to work together toward figuring out solutions to the migrant crisis.

In all honesty here, I'm glad the mayor is doing this. Finally it's starting to click for some of these people, and I hope we start to see a shift in American politics to more of a "build the wall" kind of culture. It's not as evil as it seems. On the bright side, we only have, what, a year and a half left before construction on the wall resumes? One can dream.

Anyhow, best wishes to the Adams team as they are taking a huge risk with some of the spots they'll be visiting this week.

Meanwhile, here was the border last night:

Might as well pass out the "I ❤️ the Big Apple" shirts now!

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