After NYC's mayor taught residents how to use trash cans, people realized the city dropped $4 million to see if using trash cans is a good idea
· Jul 10, 2024 ·

It was so inspiring recently to see New York finally make the leap into the 20th century and start using trash cans:

It was a sight to behold as the fearless, bold city executive showed his fellow-citizens how to deposit a bag of refuse into a plastic container:

It is so heartwarming to learn that the city reportedly only had to drop $4 million dollars to make it happen:

Earlier this week [in October 2022], the Department of Sanitation and the city's Economic Development Corporation awarded the McKinsey & Company consulting firm a $4 million contract to examine the implementation of a citywide container bin pilot program. ...

For 20 weeks, McKinsey will study other cities that use containers — like Paris and Amsterdam — and identify what types of bins would work best for New York City.

Four million dollars.

Yes, Whoopi, four million! But don't worry, folks: Not only was it totally expensive, but it was also completely unnecessary:

Councilwoman Sandy Nurse, who heads the council's sanitation committee, questioned the need for a new study by McKinsey when the city has examined container bins for decades.

'There was a body of work done… [with] a lot of these ideas that is sitting there, and could easily be looked at again,' Nurse said. 'Hiring McKinsey seems a little unnecessary at best. The city should be developing this kind of expertise in-house, at city agencies.'

This just peak New York City: Dropping absolute boatloads of cash on a useless study they've already done to figure out if the city should use a simple system that the rest of the world figured out a century ago.

Congrats on your new trash cans, New York! So happy for you!

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