Prominent liberals are waging an insane insurrectionist war against the legitimacy of the Supreme Court because they're mad Roe v. Wade got overturned
Β· Jun 24, 2022 Β·

These are trying, terrible times: Enraged by the Supreme Court's striking down of nationwide abortion-right mandates, liberals have set out on an aggressive, extremist, insurrectionist attempt to delegitimize the highest court in the land and overturn a valid federal ruling about the U.S. Constitution.

And this isn't a fringe movement: It goes right to the heart of the modern American progressive movement. It's coming from Democratic elected officials:

It's coming from former Democratic presidential advisers:

It's coming from left-wing media pundits:

It's coming from hard-left celebrities:

It's coming from extremist left-wing groups:

It's coming from...well...whatever category Mary Trump falls under:

It's coming from activists on the streets:

These are terrifying assaults on one of the pillars of our Republic. We cannot allow this to continue.

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