Noted biblical scholar Marianne Williamson says "thou shall not loot" is not in the Bible 🤔
· Oct 28, 2020 ·

Maybe it was a translation thing.


As you can see, she did correct herself, by which I mean someone else corrected her.

"Actually, 'Thou shalt not steal' is of course in there."

"Of course," she opines this 12 hours after her original tweet. She totally knew that, once she glanced at her comments.

Keep in mind, she has 7.2 million followers, and yet gets ratioed repeatedly like with this gem.

How can this be? Here are some comments from her followers, names redacted to protect the inane.

"Looting isn't stealing in a biblical sense. Stores aren't people. They are brands with insurance. Gentrification and systemic racism is stealing."

"Yet, theft by the destitute is not true theft. It's worth asking who validly owns property in a Walmart, anyway, given the abysmal disrespect to labor around the globe."

"I just think there are too many people concerned about the Bible and too few concerned about real social justice."

"Walmart has killed so many small, local businesses. If being looted is the worst thing that happens to them, they are getting off super easy."

Making sense now?

I'll leave you with this.

"The undervaluing of life (of those already born, of course)…"

Of course!

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