African migrants are swarming New York City Hall to protest the lack of work visas and "being moved to shelters instead of the luxury hotels"
Β· Apr 16, 2024 Β·

Biden can't even keep his promises to the illegals! Check out the crowd that swarmed New York City Hall on Tuesday afternoon πŸ‘‡

This crisis is continuing to ramp up, and since the purpose of a system is what it does, this crisis is by design.

Imagine what happens when 7.2 million illegals, the majority of whom are restless young men, decide to burn down the system they have zero loyalty to because they feel like they were ripped off.

From CBS New York:

They called for a better quality of life, saying they want to be put to work, but it has been difficult to cut through all the red tape.

Hundreds turned out to protest the city and how they say it's handling migrants coming from countries like Haiti, Guinea, Senegal and others.

The rally took place on the same day the New York City Council's committees on immigration and hospitals are holding oversight hearings. They wanted to hear about the experiences new migrants from African countries are having with the city, hoping to understand things like how the administration is addressing language access barriers, health needs, and other roadblocks that growing numbers of newcomers say they are dealing with.

Many at the rally said two of their biggest issues are housing: How they only get temporary shelters, then kicked out and have no place to go, and also they say they're unable to work since they don't have work permits. They're asking for the city to streamline the process so they can get to work.

"Find solutions for all African community," one person said. "They're young guys. They're 19 or 20 years old, so they're ready to work. But we need to get better conditions for these guys."

Isn't it crazy how we're importing a new slave class but our bureaucracy is so dang inefficient that it can't even get them to work?

We're already diverting critical resources from struggling Americans to keep these guys comfy in front of free iPhones and TVs in 5-star hotels. They're tired of that now.

What happens when the illegals decide they don't want to play the game anymore?

"I'm very upset about it, because I was not thinking it would be this way. Lack of shelter. Lack of many things. Lack of jobs," said another [migrant].

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