L of the century: That CNN technical director exposed on hidden camera was on TINDER DATES with a Project Veritas staffer when he spilled the beans 😭
· · Apr 15, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a historic L.

By now you've seen the undercover videos of the CNN Technical Director chopping it up with some unidentified lady while spilling his guts about how crooked and biased CNN is, openly and freely.

The whole time he was talking in these different settings, you may have been thinking, as I was, "Why the heck is this guy saying such secretive things so freely? Why does he trust the person he's talking to so much?"

Turns out he was trying to ... get close to her.

The videos were all shot during TINDER DATES the CNN bozo went on with an undercover Project Veritas journalist!

5 of them to be exact, according to Mediaite:

A source close to CNN tells Mediaite that Chester was targeted by Project Veritas via the dating app Tinder, in which his dating profile included CNN. The unidentified Project Veritas employee claimed to be a nurse, and the two initially bonded over Chester's past health concerns. They went on a total of five dates, the last of which occurred at a coffee shop in Chester's neighborhood, but was interrupted by O'Keefe and others before leaving the coffee shop.

Oh man, that is so devastating.

The dude was thirsty and was trying to romance this lady.

He thought she was a fellow lib and was trying to impress her with all this specific inside info about how CNN is actually a propagandist outfit that used misinformation to get Trump out of office and get Biden elected.

All while she was recording everything he said.

And the videos are incredibly, incredibly damning.



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