Oh no you guys, an "expert on fascism" says DeSantis is a "very dangerous individual" because he's pretty much just like Trump except without all the baggage
· Jun 16, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Excuse me for a second while I make a solid attempt to take authoritarianism expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat seriously on this one:

Hold on a minute, gotta go grab my emotional support gecko.




Ahh, that's better.

I don't mean to startle you folks, but this is a scholar saying these things.


So this is very serious.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat is a historian at New York University, and the author of the book, "Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present." She has studied the backsliding of democracy, from the US to Russia, and elsewhere.

In a wide-ranging interview, she told Insider that in light of the January 6 hearings, Trump might have to be prosecuted in order to save American democracy ahead of the 2024 election. In that context, she said that DeSantis could take his place as a populist nominee…

"Now, if that does happen to Trump — DeSantis has already absorbed all the lessons of Trump"...

"He's clearly readying himself for a national run, whether it's in 2024 or later. And he's a very dangerous individual," Ben Ghiat said. "He's dangerous because he is equally repressive, but doesn't have the baggage of Trump. It's hard to have the baggage of Trump."

So basically if DeSantis wins in 2024 we slip right back into fascism.

The corporations will all take his side, he'll have full control of the media, and we'll be at war with Russia.

It'll be bad, folks.


So don't you dare vote for DeSantis in 2024.

Because if you do, we might finally get our country back.

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