One of the super-secure Michigan voting machines from 2020 sold on eBay for $1,200
· Sep 8, 2022 ·

So a Dominion voting machine from Michigan ended up on eBay and sold for $1,200, and that's not at all suspicious.

Given Michigan's recent history, I personally wouldn't touch that thing with a ten-foot pole. Next thing you know, FBI agents will be inviting you over to hangout while they plan nefarious activities.

On the other hand, it could be the real deal and totally not a MAGA thirst trap.

Seriously though, the 2020 election divided the country in a way unseen since ... well, since the 2016 election.

Unlike 2016, in 2020 several states were still in midst of Democratic-governor-mandated lockdowns, and in many of those states, Democrat-majority courts overrode their legislatures to institute irregular and un-secure voting practices. Tons of cases made it to the Supreme Court's roster questioning the constitutionality of the court overrides.

So it's no wonder most Americans are still wondering if the election was above the board. Half are mad about it; the other half won and doesn't care, but no one really believes Joe Biden got 81 million "live" voters to punch his ticket.

One of the central debates during the elections was voting machines. Were they tampered with? Were extra ballots fed through?

Accusations flew hot and fast, and the companies that make voting machines are still in the middle of defamation lawsuits with many of the media organizations and personalities that questioned whether their products were secure, which is why I will withhold my opinion on the matter.

However, Michigan had some of the more irregular voting practices. For example, Antrim county had a voting machine that reported all of Trump's votes for Biden and all of Biden's votes for Trump.

A state audit said that the issue was caused by user error and couldn't possibly affect other Michigan counties.

And maybe that's what really happened, but ever since then, people have been trying to get their hands on those voting machines to find out if that's true.

The Michigan State Attorney is prosecuting people that manage to get through all the tight security and take a look at the machines left and right. It is a federal crime to tamper with voting machines after all.

Which is why it's just so weird that a Michigan voting machine ended up for sale on eBay.

It was originally purchased at a Goodwill for $7.99 and then auctioned on eBay for $1,200. The buyer was a cyber-security expert that makes his living securing voting machines. He saw it on eBay and thought, "that shouldn't be there."

After purchasing the machine, he contacted the Michigan State Authorities and let them know he had one of their machines. They verified that it was one of the 2020 machines. No one is saying what county it's from at this point, but the Michigan administration seems to care so little that they haven't bothered to go pick it up from the guy's house yet. It's still sitting in his garage.

If it is a legitimate voting machine, it sure makes one feel warm and fuzzy about the security of our fair elections. I'm sure the midterms will be fine though.

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