Oregon Gov. Kate Brown blasts Texas, says she stands with “LGBTQ2SIA+” children. Really.
· Mar 4, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has put out a statement on Twitter criticizing Texas's new policy that prosecutes people who try to force kids to transition as child abusers.

That's a righteous and moral policy if I've ever seen one.

Of course, this is beyond the pale for the wacky left coasters like the Governor of Oregon, who once wore this mask:

Kate Brown has to now re-up her insane leftist credentials by putting out this virtue-signaling nonsense video.

If you had asked me to make up a new, more inclusive LGBT acronym, I don't think I could come up with anything as ridiculous as what is apparently the totally serious new acronym that up until the #CurrentYear, only wacky activists (and Justin Trudeau, but I repeat myself) were using.


They should really adopt the Not the Bee acronym LGBTETC and call it a day.

Otherwise, what happens when "2-Spirited, Intersex, and Asexual" are not enough? As Jordan Peterson says, the endgame of collectivist intersectionality is the inevitable fracturing of society down to the individual.

Let's examine what she's calling for here.

Texas Governor Abbott's decision to remove trans kids from loving parents is especially cruel. This policy is another iteration of a long and painful history of discriminatory policies targeting our LGBTQ2SIA+ community.

Okay, so what is this policy she's talking about where the state removes kids from loving parents?

Are we talking about parents like the father of James Younger, whose custody was taken away from him because he called his boy a boy?

Because the Texas policy would PREVENT that from happening.

What the policy is actually doing is protecting kids from abusers who want to engage in this gender madness and "affirm" kids in delusion.

So, this policy would not take kids away from loving parents, only from abusive parents.

She goes on with this dangerous and false framing.

To all the LGBTQ2SIA+ children... You should not be political pawns for people who are power hungry.

And to all Oregon youth, especially those who are trans, non-binary, or questioning, the state of Oregon remains committed to honoring and protecting your right to be yourself.

And let us not forget that we have the power to stand against injustice.

What an absolute joke.

I can't even stand the evil and the hypocrisy this Governor is displaying. She is literally doing what Abbott is accused of: using the transgender issue to raise her profile without regard to the IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE that is being done to kids encouraged to transition.

She has no regard for the thousands and thousands of kids who grow up and regret being told they could become another "gender."

I'm glad that the Democrat party and radical progressives are openly revealing themselves as the party of groomers and child abusers. The more open they are about this, the more likely they are to lose power.

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