Oregon middle school teacher who says he's proudest of training kids in "personal pronouns" escorted out by police after reportedly sending nudes to student
ยท Mar 30, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

Just your hourly reminder that our classrooms have been infiltrated by predators and groomers that want to use your children for their depravity!

(Answer: Sin)

The deets:

* * *

Yeah, it's messed up.

Bet you can guess what type of stuff this dude posted to TikTok tho:

I didn't even need to tell you he was an LGBT evangelist, did I?

Your instincts just told ya.

Oh look! He opposed the Florida anti-groomer bill.

You probs already knew he also likes to teach white kids they are guilty racists:

We don't live in a vacuum. Sexual ethics are based off much larger worldviews that are formed around our understanding of God, justice, and sin.

The LGBT movement is based entirely around making sex the most important thing about a person's identity, and then detaching that from established teaching on God's design. It really shouldn't surprise any of us when a rainbow-flag waving teacher begins acting out sexually in ways that predate on children.

If you think that's bigoted, tough nuggets. I don't care. Every inch of real estate in the universe is under an ideological war between good vs. evil, and my kids are not your cannon fodder.

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