Orioles broadcaster Kevin Brown was suspended indefinitely after making these very true statements which also appeared in a graphic on-screen
· Aug 8, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Okay people, it doesn't take long when you listen to Orioles broadcaster Kevin Brown's voice to realize that it is simply perfect for baseball. It's like a Joe Buck vibe, and it makes me want to take a nice little siesta on the couch.

Unfortunately for O's fans, however, they haven't heard his voice on TV since all the way back in late July when he called the Tampa Bay series. That's because Brown was suspended from the broadcast booth over these negative-but-100%-true comments he made concerning Baltimore's past performances down in Tampa Bay.


No, seriously, these words are what got him suspended.

He was literally reading stats — real live statistics — and now he's out of the booth.

Seriously, how is a guy supposed to do his job if he can't read stats that are on the screen?!?

Like, if you don't like the data, don't put the data on the screen.

But now he's been out of the booth for almost three weeks.

Awful Announcing has confirmed through multiple sources familiar with the situation that Brown has been suspended indefinitely, that it came after the Rays series, that he only wound up [demoted to] the radio for the Phillies' series thanks to another controversy about a different announcer's apparel, and that the comment here seems to be what's at issue. The Orioles dispute an official suspension took place, but none the less Brown has been off television since July 26th.

Yeah dude, there's got to be something more going on here. Because to get suspended for doing your job just like you do it every day of the week, that's just not normal.

What's going on in Baltimore?

We need answers!

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