Family of black man shot by San Fran police after POINTING A GUN AT THEM says officers should have said, “Hey, let’s talk” before firing
· Aug 8, 2023 ·

If a hostile criminal has a lead projectile primed with explosive powder aimed right at your face, make sure to ask him for a chat over tea before sending him to meet his Maker.

I understand that the family is grieving, and I grieve with them. I hate seeing the kind of lawless evil that has taken hold of my countrymen's hearts, especially in the inner city.

I'm not celebrating this man's death, but I'm tired of hearing lectures on the use of force that paint violent criminals as victims.

Did you hear the media narrative? They said Ryant Bluford had been "struggling" after his mom died of cancer last year. It's the same narrative the media used when this year's Michigan State University shooter (also black) was killed by police.

Fact: Ryant Bluford APPROACHED POLICE while they were arresting another person and threatened them:

[Warning: Strong language]

Here's the full bodycam video [violence and language warning] from San Fran PD. At 7:45 and again at 8:21 you hear the officers yell that Bluford has a gun.

Here is a video taken from a person in a neighboring house of the moment Bluford drew the gun and was shot by police (it cuts off a millisecond before police put him down).

Here are two angles of the gun Bluford drew after repeatedly ignoring instructions to put his hands up:

Fact: Lots of people lose their moms but don't point guns at people. The media would never let that excuse be aired if it were a white person, so why do they use it for black criminals?

(Hint: The media is racist and routinely displays its bigotry of low expectations for black people.)

Bluford was formerly arrested for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a girl. I wonder what excuse the media would use for that?

Sorry, but we live in a fallen world. In that world, whether it makes you feel nice or not, there are evil, violent men who have to be put down. When you take out a gun, you're as much of a threat as a charging grizzly.

At that point, the time for talk is over.

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