Over 5,000 teachers have signed a pledge that they will teach CRT even if banned by law
· Jul 10, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Here's a reminder that the harbingers of the revolution are hanging out with your kids 8 hours a day:

The Zinn Education Project is a campaign inspired by radical leftist Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States.

The project aims to indoctrinate America's students in identity politics and the organization of social justice movements, including the teaching of Critical Race Theory, a Marxist cultural ideology that embraces the concept that all social issues should be viewed through the lens of race and that claims white people are oppressors while black individuals are victims.

During its virtual representative assembly that convened at the end of last week, the National Education Association (NEA), the nation's largest teachers' union, resolved to promote the teaching of CRT in K-12 schools and to oppose any bans on its instruction, as well as on the teaching of the widely discredited New York Times' "1619 Project."

The 5,000+ teachers who have signed the pledge are true believers. They think CRT is so important that they are willing to make it a hill to die on.

That should (hopefully) tell you how important the fight is to ban this garbage ideology from our children's education!

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