Palm Springs unveils AIDS memorial that looks like giant anus, backtracks after "heated debate"
· Sep 19, 2023 ·

It's only Tuesday and I want off the internet. Enjoy this totally straight news anchor talking about the "round, limestone statue of concentric circles" that has caused a stir in Palm Springs:

Palm Springs wants to put a memorial downtown that commemorates lives lost to HIV/AIDs. They then decided to design a giant 9-foot statue that looks suspiciously like the body part at the utter end of the digestive tract to honor said lives.

The sculpture, standing at nine feet tall, features a round limestone structure with concentric carved circles, symbolizing the diverse impact of AIDS on the community. Its design is intended to evoke feelings of connection, reflection, and hope. However, not everyone is on board with this artistic vision.


"aRtiStiC viSiOn"

Civilization went from this:

To this:

In just a hundred years.

I love how the same people who see genitals in every piece of architecture went out there and designed a literal anus to remind everyone about people who died from AIDs.

Uh, thanks for the reminder that depravity leads to death?

"I can just visualize the whole slew of potential social media posts, making fun of something that is so important to our community," [Gene] Brake said.

I've already visualized more than I wanted to for a Tuesday, but here we are, Gene.

In response to the controversy, the Palm Springs AIDS Memorial Task Force told residents it would incorporate community feedback and work on a revised design that will be revealed later this year. Yet, some residents are questioning why certain factions of the community was not consulted earlier in the process.

"It's become a laughingstock," Sales said. "Because it looks like what it looks like, it's become a joke. And that's the last thing we want."

Are you talking about our country or the statue, Sales?

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