Pantene made a commercial with 2 lesbian moms celebrating their "super gender creative" child
· · Mar 20, 2021 ·

Welp, here we are.

Major American companies are now promoting child abuse, with hair-care brand Pantene joining the bandwagon:

In the commercial, two lesbian moms celebrate their biological male child Sawyer, who has apparently – with zero influence from said lesbian women, of course – decided to live as a little girl.

If you think this video is cute, let me drop a lil' reality check:

This is child abuse.

We're told that consenting adults should be left to live their lives. We're also told that minors (rightly) do not have the ability to consent.

Children can't drive, no matter how much they may plead. Children can't vote or own property or get tattoos or drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes or get married.

But we are supposed to encourage them to get body-altering surgeries and get shot full of chemicals that stop their natural growth.

Yet we're told that despite the fact that children can't consent, despite the fact that there are serious health consequences for changing the trajectory of biological growth, and despite the fact that over 90% of kids with gender dysphoria grow out of it completely – that pushing this on them is somehow NOT child abuse.

"You shouldn't care what adults do in the bedroom" has now changed to "what do you care what we do to our kids?"

But the slippery slope isn't real ... OK.

In fact, if you don't celebrate this, you're a bigot and must be silenced and stopped.

After all, a massive corporation feels comfortable publicly basing its brand on this ideology. When have corporations ever been wrong?

We're just one step away from treating kids as property, folks, and we're most certainly sacrificing them at the altar of the woke religion.


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