This NY Mag article about parental rights might be the most unhinged, uneducated piece of bear scat I have ever read 🥴
· Apr 12, 2023 ·

Do these people not know this is literally what the Soviets did, or do they just like supporting mother Russia?

Look at that headline.

You'd think Pravda wrote it!

I'm being too narrow here, but when I say "Marxists," a lot of people's eyes glaze over.

Every communist nation has tried to destroy the family and make the State the parent to children, it's just that Russia provides some of the most well-documented insight.

The Soviets actively tried to separate children from the parents by radicalizing kids in schools to hate their parents' traditional beliefs and authority, then using the children to carry out violence and snitch on family members who didn't get with the political program.

From Boston University:

The force of this institutionalization was seen most strongly in the formative years of the Soviet Union, and was perfected under Stalin. The effect these groups had is undeniable; the Communists created secondary communities for children to align themselves with. Rather than attach themselves most strongly to their families, Soviet children were taught to prioritize Communism above all, and these youth organizations provided the very first encounters with socialism. This had the significant effect of diminishing the role of the family structure, and these groups became the primary outlet for self-expression among Soviet children.

The lie is that the government cares about you more than your parents.

And young people, often in rebellion against their parents in those formative years where they are rebelling against everything to make sense of the world, eat up that lie to their own demise, trading family identity as a son or daughter for a number in a vast stormtrooper regime that cares only about power.

And it worked. Tens of millions of Russians were hauled away by the State to the gulags and their children applauded it. They only learned that their teachers and politicians were lying to them too late.

Now to this hack of an article by NY Mag:

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it," the Book of Proverbs says. To certain right-wing Christians, the concept is simple: A child can be broken, or stamped into shape, much like any domesticated animal.

Right off the bat, they get it wrong.

Yes, that is what the Bible says.

No, that last part is not what the Bible teaches or Christians believe. AT ALL.

Christianity holds the unique concept that children have equal value to their parents – something the ancients did not believe (and children suffered much as a result). Even a few hundred years ago, the prevailing belief was that "ill-bred" children among the poor should not be educated, because they did not have the breeding or pedigree of the aristocracy. It was Christians like Hannah Moore in England who changed this belief, imparting an imperative to educate all children – not only because of the value to society, but because of their inherent worth.

In the first sentences of this article, Sarah Jones of NY Mag shows she doesn't understand history, God's Word, or human nature.

Conservatives betray a conviction that a child is the property of parents. Because parents own their children, they can dispose of the child as they see fit. They can deny them evidence-based medical care. They can put a child to work. They can make sure a child is sheltered from the dangers of a serious education. When a child goes hungry, that's because a parent isn't caring for their property — and what a person does with their property is their right.

No one is making this argument. Literally no one.

What a straw man!

I am fiercely obligated by God Almighty to care for the children He has blessed me with. It is a sacred duty. It was Christians who loosed the chains of slavery, Sarah, and ridded the world of the pagan notion that one man can be another man's property.

My children are not my property. They are my heirs and I am their steward: Their God-assigned guardian to protect them as the Secret Service protects the president. I must be willing to suffer and die for them in every way at every moment. I have been given authority over them (the opposite of what the leftist "liberation movement" claims) in order to teach them what is good and discipline them to recognize and master their darker, fallen nature (Genesis 4:7).

How dare you suggest that I, or the tens of millions of conservative parents like myself, think of our children as "property"!

Like any piece of property, a child has value to conservative activists. They are key to a future the conservative wants to win. Parental rights are merely one path to the total capture of state power and the imposition of an authoritarian hierarchy on us all.


To call this deranged would be an insult to the word.

A straw man upon a straw man!

I don't need children to win reality, Sarah. I believe in a God who calls people from every nation and language – a God who makes the very stones cry out truth if they were to remain silent.

I do not need to be like modern Muslims like the Muslim Brotherhood, who believe they will conquer the earth and usher in the end times of the messiah and mahdi by having more babies than their enemies.

Neither do I want the "capture of state power." I want to DESTROY state power. I want to separate power, reassert checks and balances, and strengthen remaining systems like federalism and the electoral college that make tyranny by one or tyranny by the mob an impossibility.

No one except these leftist loons think that the "Christian right" is trying to enact the Handmaid's Tale.

Taken to extremes, the concept of parental rights can be dangerous and even deadly for children. Proponents, like Farris and Rushdoony before him, ignore the basic fact that the home is often no refuge but a place of domination and abuse.

Yes, there are many evil parents.

Their power is checked as their domain does not extend beyond that of their family. They have the ability to hurt two or three children, but no more, as parental jurisdiction extends only to the corners of their home.

What about teachers?

There are thousands of stories each year of abuse by teachers across the nation. What damage could a person do who is in charge of dozens of children they are only loosely connected to? If an evil, alt-right Christian could brainwash their 2 kids into silly things like believing men can't be women, what could a radical ideologue or predator do with 40 kids?

This isn't a theoretical question. It is already happening.

Now multiply this by tens of millions of children that have the State as their guardian under the dream of leftist utopia. Do you think the State will love and cherish them? Or will it do exactly what Stalin, Mao, and Hitler did?

Adults who encourage the proliferation of guns do so knowing well that children will die. In their hierarchy, the adult right to a gun is worth more than the child‘s right to live. Reduced to the level of a collectible or a beloved pet, the child is not a person to the right.

I have no words for this level of debased lunacy. She actually believes this?

Has she ever talked to someone like me?



That she is so inept, out here swinging at stacks of hay to create enemies of her own fantasy, I'm here as a living, breathing person who loves my kids and believes none of these ridiculous things.

But I do like the Second Amendment, I do want to arm every citizen, I do believe transgenderism is a mental illness, and I do believe parents have the God-given right to raise their kids – and that the government must meet a high bar of evidence to take away that right, as it must do with any right it seeks to take away from a person charged with a crime.

Only the unborn are spared the right's cruelty.

Do you see how unhinged the leftist media is?

Do you understand why we call them fake news?

I understand that this is left of left, but goodness to even think there are people like this out there who believe these things, or believe that we believe them!

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