Scottish parents could face years in jail for preventing kids from "dressing in a way that reflects their sexual orientation or gender identity"
Β· Jan 10, 2024 Β·

Scotland is really making it simple for parents. Let them trans your kids or you go to jail.

You may think that's overstatement, but that's actually the plan in Scotland.

Parents who do not go along with "affirming" their child's "gender identity" could face jail for SEVEN YEARS!

Here's a live shot of William Wallace from beyond the grave:

It is so over for Scots.

Proposals published on Tuesday state that actions designed to "change or suppress" another individual's gender identity, causing them physical or psychological harm, would become illegal under the radical law.

SNP (Scotland National Party) ministers acknowledged that so-called conversion practices often took place in a "family setting", raising the prospect that parents could be criminalised if they refuse to go along with their child's declaration that they are transgender.

Just so you know the extent of this proposal and how it could apply to families, one of the examples of "conversion therapy" punishable by jail time is preventing a child from wearing clothing of their preferred gender identity.

So if Billy wants to wear a dress and you stop him you would be guilty of "conversion therapy" and be subject to punishment under the law.

Even if you don't do anything, the state could preemptively take action against you based solely on your beliefs!

A consultation states that alongside new criminal sanctions, preemptive civil orders could be obtained against parents or religious leaders, even where conversion practices had not yet taken place.

If they know you're a conservative Christian in Scotland they could issue civil orders against you, warning you not to cross the line of telling your kids what to do.

The Scottish National Party is currently the largest and most represented party in parliament. They hold nearly a majority in the multi-party system. If they're fully on board with this there's not much that can be done to stop them in parliament.

It's important to note this is in the "public consultation" phase which, in Scotland and the UK, means they have to lay out the plan for public feedback, in this case until April, before moving forward with the proposal.

So my suggestion, between now and April, is for every freedom and faith-loving Scot to channel his inner Braveheart and publicly oppose this radical anti-family, anti-faith, anti-human proposal from the Scottish liberals.

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