KISS singer Paul Stanley just spoke out against the trans cult's mutilation of kids. The mob is now trying to cancel him.
· May 1, 2023 ·

Paul Stanley, or Starchild, as fans of the supergroup KISS know him, decided to post his two cents in regard to the trans kids debate, and the rock singer came out of it looking like one of the few sane people left in this world.

Here's the statement he posted on Twitter:

There was once a time, in the '70s and '80s, when conservative parents had to work overtime to protect their kids from the influence of Rock and Roll megastars like the folks in KISS.

But in today's upside-down world, those SAME parents would now consider themselves allies of Paul Stanley.

This is the dude telling you that the trans movement has gone completely off the rails:

If glam-rock, platform-shoe-wearing, gallons-of-hairspray Paul Stanley is telling you our society has delved too deeply into gender confusion, then you know it's gone pretty dang far.

Of course, Stanley is now coming under fire for his "controversial" take that kids shouldn't be exposed to this sort of trans nonsense.

Many are also coming out to support Stanley for his opinion that was shared by literally everyone until just a few years ago.

In an insane world, it's the sane that sounds crazy.

Keep rocking on, Paul!

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