The Twitter community outed two Gen-Z shills paid to promote old-man Biden and it was beautiful to behold, my friends!
· May 1, 2023 ·

Joe Biden's handlers are planning to use an "army of influencers" to convince you why he should be president when he can't remember what he did five minutes ago.

Here were two of those influencers who went viral this month:

I know these are just two boys who have no idea of sacrifice, discipline, history, or how the world works, but they aren't meant to convince the wise to vote for octogenarian Joe. They are pushing to get huge numbers of foolish 18 year olds to the voting booths as a Red Guard for the new regime.

(Change the voting age to 21 and remove voting for those who don't pay taxes. Change my mind.)

The thing is, these two want you to believe they are loyal soldiers to the one true king when in actuality they are mercenaries.


The two are vigorously maintaining their super-authentic shilling is actual love for Joe, but they got slapped with a HUGE Twitter community note for their trouble:

Here's the full note:

In late 2022, Biden's campaign team connected with young social media influencers, including Harry Sisson, to draw in voters ages 18-29.

Sisson recently signed with Palette management. Palette received more than 200k from the DNC in the last 8 months.

In the past, paid actors could get away with the grift because the fAcT-cHecKers and social media were there to prop up the Democratic Party.

That doesn't work in free-speech land, where you get to be objectively analyzed by everyone under a microscope!

These guys work for a talent agency that exists to promote things on social media.

(If you don't know, most of what "influencers" try to sell you is straight acting.)

Even if they haven't received enough money from their DNC-paid talent agency to afford things nicer than a hoodie (LOL), their place of employment is enough to expose the grift.

Oh, guess who else works at Pallette Management? Trans sicko Grant Sikes, who regularly promotes things like tampons and women's lingerie on social media:

All of this stuff is a grift, ladies and gentlemen.

All of it.

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