Pence: "Calls to defund the FBI are just as wrong as calls to defund the police." I have thoughts.
· · Aug 17, 2022 ·

From a speech today:

I'll let y'all weigh in on your thoughts in the comments.

But I'll say this: I'm not speaking ill of Pence, but I think there's a large part of the Republican establishment that doesn't see what's actually happening – doesn't see the weaponization of our institutions that's coming for every man, woman, and child in this nation. They want to "reassure" America that our justice system works.

But what if it's been taken hostage by tyrants and cultish thinking? What do we do, call for the FBI to investigate the FBI? It's like slapping paint on a rotting floor and telling everyone it'll hold our weight.

We aren't calling for violent revolution like the Left. We're not calling for new principles to lead us into a glorious Marxist future. We're calling for adherence to our founding principles, and for reigning in the power of the executive branch through protest, assembly, speech, and voting – attempting desperately to resolve this with the 1st Amendment before the need for the 2nd kicks in.

Mr. Vice President, that is the rule of law.

I pray the establishment Republicans wake up, and fast.

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