Penn’s president has resigned after her refusal to condemn antisemitism before Congress. Here’s why that’s important.
· Dec 9, 2023 ·

Liz Magill is out at University of Pennsylvania.

Magill refused to condemn antisemitism on campus last week during her appearance before Congress, as did the presidents of Harvard and MIT.

Anti-Israel protests have engulfed Western universities the past two months. The vast majority of campus administrators and professors have actively pushed such sentiment, along with other far-left, Marxist groupthink, for decades.

In the Marxist framework, Israel is an oppressor and the Palestinians are the oppressed who must be liberated and can do no comparative wrong. The Jewish people are additionally demonized for having lighter skin - another sign of an oppressor in the Marxist framework.

Jewish students across the Western world have been harassed and fear for their safety due to their ethnicity, faith, and connections to the Israeli state.

Campuses have done little, if anything, to stop the antisemitism on their grounds, believing their ideological alignment with the establishment power in the West would shield them from harm while allowing them to position themselves as the righteously oppressed. This strategy has worked countless times, most recently with the BLM movement, to allow leftists to use political power to silence their enemies while virtue signaling their own cause.

Unfortunately, in this case, it turns out the Marxist brainwashing hasn't erased the memory of the Holocaust from the minds of westerners. While the average American might believe white people or straight people or Christians are oppressors who deserve discrimination, the horrors of Hitler still prick the conscience of the average man and remind him that the Marxist mind virus is a lie.

And when people wake up, their money goes with them.

This is the first time in my life that I have seen a woke administrator of a powerful leftist institution axed for something other than claims of sexual harassment. It represents a flicker of hope for the mind virus to be shaken loose from the hearts and souls of my countrymen.

The Marxist experiment is doomed to fail, and so, Magill Is out.

One down, a million to go.

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